7 Alternative of Google Gemini AI You Must Try

Google Gemini AI is an AI writing tool developed by Google. It provides assistance with writing, planning, learning, and more. Here are 7 AI Writing Alternatives to Gemini

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1. ChatGPT

Generate human-like text result on asking any questions, and receive incredible answers

2. HuggingChat

It's a free, open-source chatbot trained on OASST1. It's gaining traction but still catching up to ChatGPT's established reputation and features.

3. Poe AI

It is designed to answer in conversations, ask questions and receive writing suggestions from your own created chatbot.

4. Perplexity AI

Pose questions for concise, accurate answers sourced from the web, with a conversational interface.

5. Bing Chat

Get text-based responses and assistance with finding information through AI chatbot technology.Good for normal usage

6. ChatSonic

An AI chatbot, access from Writesonic Library and issue voice commands for text and image creation. Used by students

7. Code Llama

An advanced tool that generates code from text prompts, aiding developers and learners. It's free for both research and commercial use