7 Most Listened Podcast in Spotify 

White Frame Corner

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

Host: Joe Rogan

It has become one of the most popular podcasts worldwide. It talks about lots of different things like politics, UFOs, etc. People like it because they have long conversations that go on for hours.

Notable Guests: Edward Snowden, Elon Musk, Bob Lazar

2. The Daily

Host: Michael Barbaro

The Daily is perfect. It's from The New York Times and has interviews with reporters talking about the latest news, both in the U.S. and around the world.

3. This American Life

Host: Ira Glass

This American Life is famous for telling great stories. It won a big award for journalism. They talk about normal people's lives in a way that's interesting and surprising.

4. Stuff You Should Know

Hosts: Josh and Chuck

Ever wondered how things work or where they come from? Stuff You Should Know has answers. They have lots of episodes about science and interesting facts.

5. Pod Save America

Hosts: Former Obama staffers

If you're interested in American politics from a left-leaning viewpoint, try Pod Save America. It's made by people who used to work for Obama and has good discussions and interviews.

6. The Ben Shapiro Show

Host: Ben Shapiro

The Ben Shapiro Show talks about American politics from a conservative perspective. They cover what's happening in the news and culture. Ben Shapiro talks fast and shares smart ideas.

7. Conspiracy Theories

Host: Parcas

Talks about interesting and mysterious stories about conspiracies. They cover different topics like stories about aliens visiting Earth, etc. Each episode tells a new story that keeps listeners interested.