9 Helpful Tips to Get Your First Order On Fiverr in 2024 | How to Get Clients on Fiverr

Landing that first order as a new Fiverr freelancer can feel like trying to climb Everest with all the competition across niches.

That’s why many new freelancers on Fiverr wonder how to get their first order. It makes sense to ask since there is now so much competition on Fiverr that it becomes difficult for a new freelancer to land a client.

What are some methods you can use, then, to attract clients to your profile and not only draw them in but also turn them into possible customers?

How does Fiverr work?

On Fiverr, freelancers, who are also called sellers, create gigs.

These gigs are like online listings that describe the services the seller offers, how much the seller charges, how long it takes the seller to deliver, and other important details.

Buyers can browse through the sellers gigs to find services that match their needs. When they find a gig they are interested in, they can purchase the service from the seller.

The seller then completes the service and delivers it to the buyer within the specified time frame.

This is how Fiverr works.

9 Tips to Get Your First Order On Fiverr

Here are 9 useful tips that a new freelancer should follow to get his first order on Fiverr and keep gaining clients in the future to become a Top seller,

How to get your first order, 9 tips to get order on fiverr

1. Design a Killer Profile

When you go to order a gig from a freelancer on Fiverr, what do you look at first? Their profile, right?

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Yes, so it’s important to have a well-designed profile to succeed on Fiverr.

So, what makes a good profile? Well, it’s not just about picking any old picture and filling in the blanks. It’s about having a professional-looking picture that shows who you are and making sure you have filled in all the details properly.

Additionally, adding previous work samples or portfolios gives people a clear idea of your skill.

  • Use healthy keywords related to your niche,
  • Write a compelling bio,
  • Upload a professional profile picture,
  • Mention your Qualification and Skill,
  • Set your language

2. Start with Micro Niches

In every niche, there are smaller specialized niches called micro-niches or low-competition gigs.

For example, if you’re into a niche such as artificial intelligence, a micro-niche could be prompt engineering.

When you’re new, it’s a smart step to begin with these micro-niches, where available services are below 1,000+. Why? Because they have less competition, it is easier for us to get our first orders and reviews.

3. Create a Standout Video

As you’ve rightly pointed out, a video introduction can be a game-changer.

Data show that gigs with video introductions are more likely to attract clients. So, consider adding one to your profile to stand out from the crowd.

Start by warmly introducing yourself. Share a bit about your background, what makes you unique, and why you love what you do.

You can also showcase your skills, share client testimonials, or show examples of your previous work. This helps potential clients get to know you better and builds trust.

4. Affordable Pricing

Setting your prices is like planting seeds, you need to invest the right amount for a good outcome. But, it’s important not to overcharge.

As a beginner, it’s smart to charge less than your competitors.

For example, if your competitor is charging $25 for website design but you feel you can do the same website design for $10, then you should charge $10, not $25.

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This way, you’ll attract more clients compared to others.

5. Optimize Your Gig

Along with a good profile design, it’s important to design your gig well too.

Make sure your gig title, description, and tags are on point.

how to get your first order on fiverr

Use high-quality images and always try to include before and after images in your gig, as this attracts more clients to your gig than regular gigs.

Your description should include keywords related to your niche, and your pricing should justify your gig. You should also remember not to overcharge,

for example, if your gig is $5, don’t charge $50. Also, try offering only one basic package in the beginning, and avoid having different pricing options.

6. Publish Multiple Gigs

Many new freelancers on Fiverr make the mistake of only posting one gig and then not adding more. However, Fiverr algorithm actually promotes sellers who have multiple gigs live on their profile

Yes, if one seller publishes one gig and another seller publishes more than one gig, the chances are that the seller with more gigs will be more visible in searches.

So, it’s a good idea to keep publishing different gigs in your niche, using unique titles and thumbnails for each one.

Also, you should keep updating your old gigs from time to time.

7. Stay Active

Being responsive to messages and orders is crucial on Fiverr. Not only does it show professionalism, but it can also improve your visibility in search results.

When you reply promptly to messages and accept orders in a timely manner, it signals to Fiverr that you’re active and reliable.

As a result, Fiverr is more likely to show your gigs to potential buyers, increasing your chances of getting orders.

So, make it a priority to stay on top of your messages and orders. Set aside some time each day to check for new messages and respond promptly. This simple habit can go a long way in boosting your success on Fiverr.

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8. Advertise Yourself

Don’t wait for clients to come to you, go to them instead.

One great way to do this is by promoting your Fiverr gig on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and others related to your field.

YouTube has been found to be especially effective for promoting gigs. Many freelancers share their gigs in their YouTube video descriptions and attract a good number of clients that way.

Start a YouTube channel and publish videos related to your niche, offering your services there too.

So, don’t be shy. Get out there and promote yourself.

9. Ask for Reviews

And yes, reviews are crucial too.

If you have good reviews, people are more likely to trust you for work.

When you receive an order, try to fulfill it to the best of your ability and according to your client’s requirements so that you can ask them for a good review.

The better the review, the more it will help your gig rank higher in search results.


How Long Does It Take To Get The First Order on Fiverr?

Based on our research, it usually takes about one to two months for most sellers to get their first order.

However, this can vary depending on a few things, like how many other sellers are offering similar services, how good your services are, and how well you promote your gigs.

If you want to increase your chances of getting your first order on Fiverr sooner, here are some tips:

  • Stay active on the platform.
  • Update your profile and gig descriptions with time.
  • Optimize your gigs for Fiverr search.

Is Fiverr free to use?

Joining Fiverr is free, and anyone can make an account. However, Fiverr takes a fee for each transaction.

Sellers usually pay a 20% commission on orders they complete, and buyers might also have to pay extra fees for processing (that is, service fee and GST)

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