How to Become a Freelance Video Editor and Make Money with No Experience in 2024

So, you want to become a freelance video editor and make money, but you have no experience?

I still remember that during the early stages of my online journey, I worked as a freelance video editor before gradually shifting to content creation.

But there is no doubt that freelance video editing will always be in demand. No matter how the world changes, nothing will ever completely replace video editors.

Will AI replace the freelance video editor?

You may believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually replace freelancers, but the truth is, it’s highly improbable for AI to entirely supplant a skilled video editor.

Currently, AI lacks the sophistication to carry out tasks that require human touch, such as adding emotions into a scene, seamlessly transitioning between scenes, and grasping the nuances of viewer psychology.

So, certainly, you still have a shot, but how do you become a freelance video editor and build a career on this track?

Don’t worry, this guide will take you through everything you need to become a Freelance Video Editor and make money, even with no prior experience.

how to start freelance video editing and make money as a beginner

What does Video editing mean?

Video editing is like polishing a rough diamond to make it shine. It is about taking raw video clips and making them look more professional and engaging. You can do this by adding cool effects, transitions between scenes, removing any parts that don’t fit, and adjusting things like brightness and color.

It’s a bit like painting a picture, where you can take a blank canvas and turn it into a work of art.

Anyway, If you know the basics of video editing, your next step is to learn the different available software programs.

There are a variety of software programs that can be used for video editing, but the most popular and industry-level software that have been widely used for a long time are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects.

These software programs can be expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, there are some free alternatives that you can use, such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

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Once you’ve chosen the software program you want to use, it’s time to start learning how to use it.

Now, most newcomers will run to buy expensive courses to learn video editing. If you’re also stuck with this thought, then we request that you not waste your hard-earned money on useless courses when there are millions of free tutorials available on YouTube.

Yes, head to YouTube and search for the specific video tutorial.

For example, if you have chosen Adobe Premiere Pro to edit your video,

Go to the YouTube search bar. Search by the name “Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials,” and the result will show you hundreds of videos that are well structured and well explained. Or else, you can check out these 15 best video editing channels for learning video editing.

How to Start Freelance Video Editing and Make Money?

How to become a freelance video editor and make money in 2024

Once you feel confident enough to start editing your own videos, the next step is to find clients.

The best way to find clients is to start by networking with people you know, such as family, friends, and online influencers.

You can also search for online jobs or try out freelancing websites like Fiverr or UpWork.

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Fiverr has a huge pool of freelancers and comes with lots of opportunities for video editors and other creators where you can work for clients from different countries and make money.

However, the video editing niche is now flooded with thousands of freelancers, so it will become hard to establish your identity in this niche.

Instead, you can try these 12 low-competition gigs with high demand that will make it easy for you to grind your profile to first place.

The next step is to create a portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase your best work and highlight your skills.

Tools like Canva can help you create an awesome portfolio

When you’re ready to start pitching your services to potential clients, it’s important to have a strong understanding of your rates and pricing.

You can use online resources to research the going rates for video editing services like Fiverr or Upwork.

Once you have an idea of what you should be charging, you can start negotiating with clients.

How to market yourself as a freelance video editor?

One of the best ways to market yourself is to have a strong online presence. This means having a strong social media presence as well as a strong portfolio that should say everything about your skills. 

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When it comes to social media like YouTube and Instagram, it’s important to be active and engaging. This means posting regular videos or tutorials, responding to comments and messages, and overall just being present. The more you can interact with potential clients, the better it is.

As for your portfolio, make sure it’s up-to-date and includes your best work. If you have a website, make sure it’s easy to navigate and includes your contact information.

Pro Tips: Always work like a professional. These include meeting deadlines, smart communication, and providing superb quality work. If you stick to all of these guidelines, you’ll have no trouble becoming a freelance video editor and making money from it

How to find clients as a freelance video editor?

Congratulations, you will get your first client if you simply stick to these 5 tips on how to find clients as a freelance video editor and make money.

  • Create a strong online presence, such as a YouTube channel, LinkedIn, or Instagram profile.

Make sure to include examples of your edited videos, as well as relevant information about your experience.

  • Reach out to influencers or content creators through emails.

Although it’s important to sound professional when writing the email, avoid coming out as a job-hungry freelancer.

  • Participate in events and online competitions.

This is a great way to meet other professionals in the field and potentially find work.

  • Start teaching people online like on YouTube,

You heard that right, If you have the skills, teaching online might be a fantastic way to establish a passive income along with finding a client.

  • Join freelancing websites such as Fiverr, and Upwork.

From these websites, many freelancers earn thousands of dollars each month. Therefore, you should start doing it right now.

  • Start an Instagram Theme page

Make a theme page and start attracting clients with your content.

How much you should charge as a freelance video editor?

If you are a freelancer, chances are high that you have come across this question, “What do you charge?” more times than you can count. And if you’re just starting out, you may have no idea how to answer that question.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when charging your clients:

Look at your experience

If you’re new with very limited experience. In that case, it’s perfectly acceptable to charge less than your more experienced counterparts. As you gain experience and build up a portfolio of work, you can gradually increase your rates.

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Think about the scope of the project

How much work will the project require? If it’s a simple project with just a few hours of work, you may want to charge less than you would for a more complex project that requires days or weeks of work.

Consider the client’s budget

If you’re working with a client who has a limited budget, you may need to adjust your rates accordingly. It’s better to get paid something than nothing. So it’s often worth negotiating a lower rate in order to get the job, especially in the starting days

Know your worth

Don’t undervalue your services! If you think the project is worth your time and expertise, make sure you’re charging accordingly. Alternatively, you can ask a colleague or partners who works in the same field for a general idea of pricing.

Be flexible

Depending on the project and the client, you may be able to negotiate your rates. If you’re open to bargaining, you may be able to land the job and still get paid what you’re worth.

Keep these things in mind when setting your rates, and you’ll be sure to find a fair price that works for both you and your client.


What is freelance video editing?

A freelance video editor is someone who works independently to edit videos for clients or employers. For some projects, the editor may be responsible for the entire post-production process, from start to finish. For other projects, the editor may be brought in at a later stage to simply assemble the raw footage into a finished product.

What are the skills required to be a freelance video editor?

  • Have a basic understanding such as file formats, codecs, and resolution.
  • Have complete knowledge of video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.
  • Being able to meet deadlines on time is important.
  • Accepting criticism is one of the skills that you need to have.
  • Know how to communicate with clients.
  • Have an understanding of quality editing and a keen eye for detail
  • Always show respect to your clients

How Much Do Freelance Video Editors Make?

The lowest pay rate for independent video editors is $50, with a minimum wage of $40. This implies a freelancer making $1,200 per month might work 40 hours per week. Depending on your level of experience, what type of video you are editing, and how long it is, this might vary greatly.

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