15 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Video Editing & Filmmaking

Best YouTube channels to learn Video Editing?

What you don’t know is that an average video editor makes between $800 and $1000 per month.

However, mastering this skill is not that easy.

Although there are countless courses that claim to teach you video editing in a week,

But you know what they are all just marketing gimmicks,

To help you out, we have listed the 15 best YouTube channels for learning video editing and filmmaking for free.

Learn video editing from these top YouTube channels

It’s important to understand the fundamentals before beginning your video editing journey.

These channels offer beginner tutorials and guides, ensuring a solid basis for your editing abilities.

Best YouTube channel to learn Video Editing

YouTube Channels To Learn the Basics of Video Editing

This is an official YouTube channel from Wondershare that offers a variety of beginner-friendly tutorials

that are clean, quick, and easy to understand

including importing footage, trimming, adding transitions, and applying effects is an excellent channel for beginners.

This YouTube channel of Justin Brown is a goldmine of helpful video editing instructions.

This man covers everything from mobile video editing to PC video editing in a way that is simple and effective.

Software-Specific YouTube Channels

It’s important to get familiar with industry-standard editing software if you want to become a skilled video editor.

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These channels focus on specific software and offer in-depth tutorials and advice on how to use them to their fullest capacity..

Premiere Gal specializes in Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the most popular video editing software.

Unlike other channels, she has literally hundreds of tutorials on Premiere Pro that are entertaining and simple to follow without getting boring.

Casey Faris’s channel focuses on DaVinci Resolve, used by professionals, especially for color designing.

With his expertise, the information Casey offers will allow you to achieve professional-grade editing results with DaVinci Resolve.

This channel is heaven for After Effect lovers, offering motion graphics, text effects, typography, and visual effects techniques, everything makes it the best video editing channel for After Effects.

FCP expert Ryan Nangle makes his tutorial short and to the point but very easy to grasp, and you won’t feel bored watching his videos.

YouTube Channels to learn Advanced Video Editing

After you’ve mastered the basics, explore advanced editing techniques with these channels.

They provide expert guidance and creative ideas to help you excel at video editing,

Cinecom.net, a channel created by creative filmmakers and video editors, has over 800+ creative and interesting tutorials available on their channel, with a focus only on After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Film Riot comes in second place with over 2.05 million subscribers.

He is renowned for his diverse skills in editing, and his channel includes editing breakdowns of Trailers, Films, etc. delivering a blend of insightful knowledge and entertaining filmmaking challenges.

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Users can learn Adobe Premiere Pro basics with Premiere Basics through tutorials from beginner to advanced levels.

They offer tutorials that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. A variety of topics are covered in their tutorials, including basic video editing and Premiere Pro.

Specialized Editing Genres – YouTube Channels

If you’re interested in a specific genre of video editing, these channels cater to specialized niches, such as vlogging or filmmaking.

Peter McKinnon’s channel focuses on cinematic vlogging & filmmaking. With his charismatic style and cinematic approach.

Peter shares his editing techniques and storytelling methods to help you create captivating videos, also in-depth knowledge about camera direction

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers is an online Christian film academy. Videography business, launching your career as a director, jump-starting your acting career, or just dabbling in film, they teach everything you need to know.

This channel has fewer subscribers, but their tutorials are on another level!

They cover everything from 3D, CGI, and After Effects tutorials, which makes them the best YouTube channel to learn advanced video editing.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics YouTube Channels

Visual effects and motion graphics are essential aspects of modern video editing.

These channels provide tutorials and resources to help you master the art of creating stunning visual effects and captivating motion graphics.

Video Copilot is a widely renowned channel known for its visual effects tutorials.

From creating explosions to advanced compositing, this channel guides you through the process of incorporating stunning visual effects into your videos.

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With only 92k+ subs, this channel literally provides the best motion graphics content on YouTube, offering tutorials and templates to create dynamic and visually appealing animations using After Effects,

Dope Motions is another notable channel that focuses on releasing high-quality graphics and VFX tutorials.

They discuss the most recent trends in tutorials, amazing typographic animations, text animation, intro animation, and so on.

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YouTube channels to learn Video Editing in Hindi

Probably the majority of you were hoping to find your favorite Hindi video editing channel on our list. Yes, there are a few Hindi-language YouTube channels with high-quality video editing content.

This guy is a true gem for video editors.

He provides really profound and step-by-step Hindi video editing tutorials on his channel, which may be a little lengthy but are well worth watching.

Anithing, this channel, and its content are unbeatable.

His storytelling and the uniqueness of each piece of content earned him a spot on our list. Videos about his work in filmmaking and video editing are available on this channel.

Aman Malik founded the YouTube channel named Aman Guides which focuses on video editing.

He provides specific tutorials on topics such as Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and freelancing. It’s a great channel to follow because he speaks about trailer breakdowns and his freelance projects.

This YouTube channel, 90Creators, was created by Mustak choudhury for those people who are searching for mobile video editing tutorials and AI videos, it covers all aspects.

This channel can be very useful for those who are editing videos using their mobile phones. It is one of the Best YouTube channels to learn Video Editing on mobile.

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