15 Websites Where Rich People Giveaway Free Money to People

When it comes to financial support, there are unwanted situations where individuals may find themselves in a financial bind, and as such they need financial support to manage the situation that they’re in.

Here comes a way, have you ever wished for a generous donor to save you from your financial bind?

Believe it or not, there are rich and kind people on the internet who are willing to donate money for free. We’ll dig into this in this blog post as well.

Why Do Rich People Giveaway Money?

Not all wealthy people have good hearts. However, some are kind and giving and step forward to support the community and those who are truly in need.

They often have more money than they can spend and like to use their wealth to help others.

It’s also a way for them to reduce their tax burdens by donating to charities or individuals in need.

Is It Safe to Get Free Money from Rich People?

Yes, It’s completely safe to get free money from rich people as long as you take the necessary precautions.

But how? here is the route: Always research your donor credibility and read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting the money.

Beware of scams and do not share your personal information unless you have verified the source.

How Can One Get Free Money From Rich People?

Getting free money from rich people is not easy. You need to present a valid and strong reason to convince the donor to choose you.

You can either apply to the charities listed on the websites or use crowdfunding platforms to make your case heard.

But, you need to be specific with your need and present yourself in a respectable manner. Do not hesitate to ask, and remember to thank the donor if you do receive money.

Is there anyway to Make money without begging?

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Our website constantly focuses on topics like how to earn more money, where to earn it, and what the different ways are to earn it, which may be useful if you are truly looking for a way to generate income without having to rely on others for necessities and needs.

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How to Ask rich people for money online?

If you want to ask rich people for money online, remember it’s not as easy as it seems. You need a sensitive and strategic approach.

Consider these tips for reaching out to wealthy person for financial support:

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Be genuine

Before asking a rich person for money, remember never to lie or trick them. This is crucial. If they discover your deception, they may take legal action against you which may cause you serious trouble. So be honest and straightforward.

Keep Letter short and to the point

When you’re writing a letter to a rich person asking for money, keep your letter short, simple, and to the point. Remember, they are busy, so avoid long, sassy letters that they might ignore. Share genuine emotions to help them connect with your message.

Don’t sounds demanding

Asking for money isn’t easy. It requires luck, so don’t beg or demand. It’s not their responsibility to give you money if they don’t want to. There’s no reason to sound demanding or begging.

Always avoid this when you write a letter or run a crowdfunding campaign.

Show transparency

To increase donor confidence, address any concerns they might have about how you’ll use the money. Be transparent with your plans and share how you’ll be accountable for the funds you receive.

Be respectful

Understand that as a wealthy individual, you receive numerous requests for financial help, and you may not be able to support every cause. That’s why please be respectful if they decline or don’t respond.

Rich people giveaway free money

13 Websites Where Rich People Giveaway Free Money

These websites help your financial needs to include medical needs, student loans, assisting with living expenses, buying groceries if you can’t afford to, and even supporting business ideas.

It will be worthwhile for you if you directly approach these organizations before doing anything because rich people giveaway free money only through legal and legitimate sources.

Check out these 13 websites to get free money from millionaires and billionaires and find out which one suits you best.

  1. GoFundMe
  2. Begging Money
  3. Indiegogo
  4. Fundly
  5. JustGiving
  6. Go Get Funding
  7. Begs List
  8. Fundable
  9. Kickstarter
  10. Seed and Spark
  11. Patreon
  12. Fund My Travel
  13. Crowdfunder


GoFundMe is not just any fundraising platform, rather it has revolutionized the way people pool money to fund personal projects, charity causes, and even emergencies.

This has particularly been beneficial for people with limited resources and social connections.

You can share your stories and causes with audience, including strangers and rich people, which gives you more opportunities to raise the funds you need.

  • Just share your story, but be truthful.
  • Add videos or photos related to the causes
  • And, share and start accepting donations

Begging Money

Begging Money The name itself says all, individuals can beg for money from millionaires or billionaires, by just creating a personal page and explaining their financial needs or causes.

This will allow you to directly ask others in the general public for financial help.

To get started with Begging Money, you simply visit the website, create a personal page, and describe honestly your financial condition.

Don’t beg or demand too much, you should sound real whenever you are asking for money.


Indiegogo is an innovative way to raise funding for your ideas, it enables entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

By visiting the website you will see people have listed various new and innovative ideas and inventions which require funding to make them available globally

Definitely, it is worth giving a try. People are literally collecting millions of dollars, and even asking for money from founders and business owners to help their hand in their startups.

This innovative idea of Hover X1: Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera has successfully gained $13,17,342 from this website.

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By just clicking on the Start your Campaign button and following a few steps, you will be able to publish your first campaign,


On the website Fundly, generous or wealthy people give free money for your cause. With over 200k visitors per month, it comes with the possibility of getting free money.

To start a campaign, you create an account on their website, you describe honestly and in detail your cause or your project.

You set fundraising in the budget, and automatically donors will be able to see it who visit the platform.

But you can also share it with your wider Network so that you can enhance the chances of you getting public support.


This Company was established in 2002 with the goal of providing financial support to others. Today, they have nearly raised $6 billion in funds from all corners of the nation.

JustGiving is a global online helping platform that’s focused on giving. It serves multiple purposes like many of the others that we’ve shared and it ranges from fundraising for Charities to supporting personal causes.

On their website, you’ll see people asking for help with a recent earthquake in Turkey, they’re looking for Relief, and there are others here who are looking to raise money to run half marathons or raise money to buy a car or a special event.

With a few simple steps, you can sign up and begin running your campaign. However, make certain that your data is genuine and authentic, or it may be denied.


A generous platform for an artist, a musician, a writer, a content creators, which extended their earning potential by monetizing their work. To be a part of Patreon, It’s very simple.

Visit the website, create a profile with all the offerings that you’re willing to give for what you’re gonna get, ensure you’re creating value, define your membership tiers carefully and the rewards associated with each, and start building a community of patrons.

Then, share your Patreon link all over your social media profile to receive money for your work.

Go Get Funding

To obtain funding, you have the opportunity to raise money for personal plans, projects, events, or causes that are important to you. This platform presents fundraising campaigns, as you can see on their homepage.

From medical support to financing volunteer trips to exotic destinations, there are various campaigns available. On this website, you will come across generous individuals who are willing to support different causes, whether they are wealthy, rich, or simply kind-hearted.

To get started, all you need to do is create a fundraising page, share your story, set a financial target, and promote it within your network as well as beyond. This way, you can gather the necessary funds to fulfill your need.

Beg List

Another free platform where individuals can seek online donations. It provides a space where people can express their needs for essential items like food, clothing, shelter, and education. If you are facing difficulties or going through tough times, this website could be a helpful platform for you to present your situation and have generous individuals contribute to your cause.

To begin, you create a post on the website describing your circumstances and specifying the type of support you require. It’s important to note that the assistance can be in various forms, such as receiving regular donations of groceries instead of asking for a specific cash amount for your groceries. This platform goes beyond monetary help and also provides a space for individuals to seek educational assistance.

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Fees: Free to use


Fundable is the next website on our list where you can get access to free money from wealthy, rich, or kind people. This is a crowdfunding platform tailored to small businesses, startups, and even to large Enterprises. It allows entrepreneurs or Hustlers to raise funds from both accredited investors and customers who want to pre-order new products or services.

To start with Fundable:

  • Make a Fundable Profile for Your Business
  • Select a fundraising campaign for rewards or equity.
  • Get Commitments & Promote Your Fundraising

Fees: Monthly fees but no charges on money that you collect.

Fund My Travel

This platform serves as a good friend to people who are in need. Individuals have listed many campaigns for their domestic or international travel expenses. Yes, whether it’s for leisure, for work, for study, for volunteering abroad, or for family emergencies, Fund My Travel can help you cover all the travel costs that you would potentially incur.

To get started, simply go to Find My Travel, create a campaign there, share your story, and motivate others to contribute to your cause. You will receive it right away after receiving a donation with no hassle or need for verification.

Fees: Fund My Travel only keeps 5% of all donations.


Kickstarter is not new, it is a renowned crowdfunding platform specifically designed for Creative projects. As a project creator on Kickstarter, you have the liberty to determine your project’s funding objective and deadline. Backers or supporters who see your project can offer tangible Rewards or even experiences in exchange for what they’re about to pledge.

It opens for various categories including films, Games, music, art, design, and Technology. It is important to note that on Kickstarter, funding is either all-or-nothing, meaning your project must meet the funding goal before you get any money.

Fees: Fee structures vary according to country, but one thing, they won’t charge any fees if funding is unsuccessful.


They have taken over $34Billion dollar from all over the world. This platform connects entrepreneurs with investors across the globe to help fund their business ventures. Whether this amount is to start a brand new company or to invest in an established company.

Crowdfunding even extends a helping hand if you need additional funding to meet your funding targets. Only 5% To be honest, platform fees are reasonable, but some people are also concerned about the card payment commission fees, which they may consider to be a little excessive.

Fees: They took 5% platform fees from Big projects, Profit organizations, and community shares, +extra transaction fees, (and 5% extra funding fees in some cases)

Seed and Spark

Film and television projects are the focus of Seed and Spark. With an 82% success rate, Seed and Spark is a real lifesaver for filmmakers who really struggle to bring their stories to the big or small screen and resources to run a project.

Creators can raise money for their project’s production, distribution, and marketing through Seed and Spark.

Give a thorough description of the project and include all pertinent details about the story and scenes to make it easier for potential donors to understand your needs and the reasons behind your need for funding. For example, Pure Face was successful in raising $10,000 for its production.

Fees: Seed and Spark only keep 5% of a campaign’s proceeds once it has achieved its milestone.

Our Views on Getting Money from Rich People

If you are trying to get free money from these websites without a valid reason, you should stop wasting your time.

Because these websites are run by professionals who are constantly monitoring which fundraisers are fake and which are scams, it will be difficult for you to receive money in such cases.

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    1. Generally, these websites are for people who are suffering from a very serious condition in life, ultimately, you need to have a very strong and valid reason to ask for money. So kindly look over what suits your need

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