15+ ChatGpt Prompts for Creative YouTube Video Script Writing

You already know that good script writing is the key to success in YouTube. If your script does not add value then it will be difficult to rank in this race. But how exactly? How do you create a unique video script for YouTube?

So, instead of looking for a solution elsewhere, ChatGpt has arrived to help you in such cases. Here are some highly designed ChatGpt prompts for creative YouTube video script writing that we will go over, and by using them, you will be able to create a perfect script in no time.

Previously, we used to hire freelancer to write the script, which took a significant amount of time and money. However, now AI has improved to the point that someone with no experience may create a solid script. What’s more you know? this ChatGpt written script was able to capture the attention of YouTube Algorithm.

In this post, we will look at the advantages of using ChatGpt for script writing, how to use them correctly, and the list of 30+ best ChatGpt prompts for creating interesting YouTube video scripts.

Chatgpt prompt for youtube video script writing

ChatGpt prompts for video idea creation

  • List of [10] new video ideas that are trending on “year” about the “Topic” for my YouTube Channel.
  • Can you give me [10] new video ideas for “category” channel which are really unique and interesting.
  • Please give me some YouTube video ideas for “Comedy” Channel.
  • Generate a list of video ideas for my youtube channel which are related to “make money online”
  • Give me [10] new creative video ideas for my youtube channel
  • Generate [10] fresh and new video content ideas that focus to [niche]
  • Give me 10 title ideas for a YouTube video about “Topic”
  • List [50] niche ideas for faceless youtube channels
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How to write a good ChatGpt prompt for better results

Here are the five main steps to writing a good ChatGpt prompt:

  • Type of video you’re creating
  • Topic of the video
  • Tone of voice you want, (find more about tone here)
  • Specific details you want to cover in your video
  • Any additional inputs

Example: Write a YouTube script on the topic “Top 10 movie villains that we secretly love”. Keep the tone witty and cheeky and keep the intro short. Start it with a hook. Incorporate the name of the movie in the description of each villain and give at least 2 points for each of them explaining what makes them likeable.

Best 30+ ChatGpt prompts for engaging YouTube video scripts

  • I want you to act as a Youtube script writer for a travel vlog about exploring [destination]. Please include interesting facts, local cuisine, must-visit attractions, and personal experiences that will captivate the audience and make them want to visit this place.
  • Write me an effective You Tube Script on “Topic” that has all the elements of holding audience retention till the end. Write it in the listicle format and in a light hearted tone.
  • You are a creative professional for a [niche] Channel. Please produce three original video content ideas and a brief script for one of them based on their target audience of [target audience]
  • You are expert in YouTube. Please suggest me a topic for my first video on YouTube and write a compelling script in this “Tone” on the “Topic”. And add a good hook at the starting to keep the audience connected.
  • Write a YouTube video script on the “Title”. Use the following information about the “Product name” [include all the specific details], Keep the tone conversational and easy to follow. Make sure to start the intro with a hook and to give a set of pros and cons of “product”.

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Creating content for the next 5 months with ChatGpt

This Chatgpt prompt might be appropriate for you if your daily schedule prevents you from regularly looking for content. You must modify the prompt, though, in order to get the desired result.

Example: “It is your job to prepare a content schedule for a [Tech] YouTube channel over the next five months, recommending the best days and times to post for maximum engagement, as you have expertise in YouTube content strategy.”

Running YouTube Automation Channel with ChatGpt

Using this prompt will demonstrate each and every step for starting a YouTube automaion business and help in your professional development if you’re interested in starting a YouTube business and need content planning and strategies for managing a long game on YouTube.

Example: “You are an expert business strategists, so I would like you to create a comprehensive YouTube Automation business plan for the YouTube channel I run. The channel focuses on “Channel category”, primarily targeting “audience”, with an emphasis on [main focus of your channel]. Outline the target audience, content strategy, branding, marketing, and monetization methods of the channel.” I would also like you to provide advice on growing the channel, such as utilizing SEO tactics and social media channels. Finally, provide a timeline of when you expect the channel to reach its goal”

Advantage of using ChatGpt for YouTube video scripts

There are various advantages to using ChatGpt to write your YouTube video scripts:

  • It saves you time and effort when coming up with new ideas.
  • It allows you to expand your content in different languages.
  • Help you with creative video ideas and scripts.
  • Provides you with titles, descriptions, and tags all in one place.
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Q: Can I rely solely on ChatGpt prompts for my video scripts?

Ans: While ChatGpt prompts can provide you with a wealth of ideas, it’s important to add your own unique insights, research, and perspectives to make your video scripts truly valuable and authentic.

Q: Can I modify the prompts generated for ChatGpt?

Ans: Absolutely! Feel free to modify the prompts to fit your style, tone, and content goals. Add your personal touch and customize the prompts to make them more engaging and relevant to your audience.

Q: Can I use ChatGpt script for YouTube video?

Ans: Yes, feel free to use it, but make sure to add some value to it. However, chatgpt is not advanced enough to understand human psychology. So, in order to entertain and engage the audience, aim to put your personal touch into the screenplay.

Q: Can ChatGpt prompts help me with video SEO?

Ans: ChatGpt prompts can provide you with ideas for your video scripts, it’s important to conduct keyword research and optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags for SEO purposes. Use ChatGpt prompts as a starting point and supplement them with proper SEO techniques.


You can save time, diversify your content, and tap into new creative ideas when you use ChatGpt prompts in YouTube video production. This article contains 30+ ChatGpt prompts that will help you craft compelling YouTube video scripts that will captivate your audience. Use them, follow the tips, and follow the best practices. You should always be sure to include your own unique ideas in your YouTube video scripts, rather than relying on ChatGpt solely. This will help create videos that are more engaging and more likely to generate traffic and views in the long run.

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