Earn Money by Selling Notes: Top 7 Websites to Sell Notes Online for Students

Selling Your Study Notes Online

Do you find yourself with a surplus of study materials messing up your laptop? It’s time to put them to good use and earn extra cash. There are some websites provide a system for students to buy study materials from others.

The process is simple: you upload your well-organized and comprehensive notes, and fellow students or learners in need purchase them. They benefit from your hard work, and you earn money in return. It’s a win-win situation.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the top 7 websites where you can transform your study materials into a source of income. But how exactly can you make money by selling your notes?

Why Sell Study Notes?

Would you believe? If I told you that the notes you spent the entire year studying could potentially help you make money once the test is over. If you’re a student, you might have just found the perfect solution- selling your study notes.

Not many students are aware of this, but you can transform your shorthand scribbles (or impeccably detailed notes) into cash.

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sell notes online and make money

Where Can You Sell Study Notes?

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling notes from your current course or a module you took last semester.

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Here are the top 7 websites that allow you to sell your study notes:

1. Stuvia

Stuvia is one of the most popular platforms for selling study notes. With Stuvia, you have the freedom to price your materials yourself, be it textbook summaries, essays, papers, course notes, etc.

This platform also ensures it markets your content efficiently, and even notifies students in your area of study when you send in new content.

On average, the platform reports that note sellers make about $103 a month. They estimate a single document could net you $8.90 on average.


  • You can sell your notes worldwide.
  • You’re not just limited to notes, other educational stuff works too.


  • Competition with international sellers.

2. Nexus Notes

Nexus Notes provides another platform where you can sell everything from summaries to course guides and templates. The site offers two payment options: revenue percentage or free access. The latter allows you to access other people’s notes free of charge.

However, compared to other websites, Nexus Notes reports that sellers earn less on average, only a few hundred dollars per year. Nonetheless, this extra income could provide a financial breather.


  • It’s a platform made by and for students.
  • It’s easy for buyers to find what they need.


  • Very low chances of Income
  • It might not have as many users as big platforms.

3. OneClass

Unlike most websites that pay per-view or download, OneClass operates differently.

This platform offers a flat rate for notes corresponding to specific classes.

After a successful application and brief trial period, you will be required to upload notes weekly. A given course will earn you $470.

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In addition to the pay, you will also receive a reference letter which can be used for future job applications.


  • You can become a Tutor
  • Earn while helping peers.
  • Access to a large audience.


  • Selective note upload process.

4. DocMerit

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to earn from your notes, consider DocMerit. This website lets you set your prices and provides sellers with 85% of their sale revenues. Payment upon sale is effected within 24 hours.

They also provide a tip for more sales: upload notes during exam periods. This is a time when many students are in need of study materials and are more than willing to pay for it.


  • You can upload various study docs like notes.
  • User-friendly for sellers and buyers.


  • DocMerit keep 15% per sale
  • Limited notes vailable for students

5. Oxbridge Notes

Primarily UK-based, Oxbridge Notes allows you to sell notes, outlines, sample test questions and test answers. Sellers receive 50% of the sales price with annual earnings averaging around $250.

However, this platform requires pre-approval to become a seller, and handwritten notes are not accepted.


  • Designed for students to share study materials.
  • You can upload various study documents, like notes and summaries.
  • Known for high-quality content.


  • The user base might be smaller compared to bigger platforms.
  • Competition with other sellers is a possibility.

6. StudySoup

StudySoup offers a similar model to OneClass. This place is all about uploading your class notes, study guides, and other educational resources.

The cool thing is, the better your notes, the more you can earn

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After a quick application process, successful applicants are tasked with uploading weekly notes and study guides.

Payment per upload is about $5, but according to the website, one can earn up to $500 per course. Their top notetakers rake in between $300 to $500 a month.


  • Helps fellow students by Teaching
  • Higher-quality notes earn more money.


  • Smaller user base compared to some platforms.

7. Notesale

Notesale provides another fast and easy platform to sell your study notes.

Here, you can set your prices while Notesale handles the rest, including conversion to PDF for downloads.

There are limitations to potential earnings due to the need to set competitive prices, however, for quick uploads and easy sales, Notesale could be worth a try.


  • Control pricing.
  • Flexibility in selling.


  • Prices set too high may deter buyers.

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Is Selling Study Notes Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal to sell your study notes for money as long as they are your original work. Be sure to research your college or university policies regarding this matter to avoid any problem in future.

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