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A report says that by 2026, AI might take over more than 80 million jobs. Companies are more intrigued by AI than hiring new employees because it saves them time and money.

This switch could mean more people losing jobs, which leads to more unemployment. To avoid this, having a side job is super important.

Even if you don’t have skills or zero money, a side gig can help you earn some decent money. And guess what? AI can help with that too!

In the past year, AI has opened doors to lots of side jobs that can make you good money.

These AI side hustles could potentially generate you hundreds to thousands of dollars each day.

And trust me, these aren’t merely theories from up in the clouds- we’ve done or still do many of these.

Let’s start with the easier AI side hustles and work up to the ones that make more money.

Which Jobs is AI most likely to replace?

No doubt, AI has seen remarkable growth in recent years, yet it’s not fully equipped to replace humans in jobs.

Whereas a few jobs might see noticeable changes in the coming years.

Let’s take a closer look at jobs that can be taken by AI:

Customer service: AI chatbots and robot helpers are getting really good at talking to customers. That might mean fewer people like you will be needed for these jobs soon.

Content Writing: News articles and other informational content are among the types of content that AI is becoming more skilled at generating. This could have an impact on jobs where you write similar things all the time.

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Graphic Design: AI is good at making designs. This might change some parts of designer jobs that use templates a lot.

Translation Services: AI can translate languages quite well and quickly. In some circumstances, this may require human translators to shift careers.

Data Entry Jobs: It can be painful for an individual to type a lot of data into a computer. But not anymore because AI is getting good at this too.

Best Side Hustle Ideas Using AI

These AI Side Hustles have huge potential to help you generate a good income per month.

Let’s talk about all the side hustle ideas one by one:

  • Running Faceless AI YouTube Channel
  • Clothing Model Photos service
  • Offering Video Captioning services
  • Design and Sell AI-Generated Products
  • Selling AI Storybooks

Running Faceless AI YouTube Channel

In 2024, starting a Faceless YouTube channel as a side hustle would be a fantastic idea.

Recently, one of our faceless YouTube channels made more than $1000 last month, all using AI from creating videos to running the channel.

Ai faceless youtube channel earning proof

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Some people are raking in $10k to $20k per month from these faceless YouTube channels, even managing multiple channels effortlessly through YouTube Automation Technique.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide for starting your own Faceless YouTube Automation Business with zero investment.

This guide covers everything from creating videos, researching keywords, finding topics, and editing videos, to uploading them.

Clothing Model Photos

Clothing companies always need photos of models wearing their stuff.

But now, AI lets you skip the camera and display cool outfits on computer-made models.

You can use free AI tools such as Virtulook.

Ai side hustle

Upload a clothes picture, pick a model, and the AI puts the clothes on them.

Start a gig offering this to brands and agencies at a good price. As you start to get more clients, you can raise your prices slowly.

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Try to begin by charging $5 to $10, and as you get better, you can charge more.

Video Captioning Service

Video captions are more in demand than ever, they enhance the retention of viewers watching a video.

So, we can definitely say that this is a pretty good side hustle because many people don’t know how to create such captions.

You have options like Veed io or Adobe Premiere Pro that let you automatically generate captions

video captioning side hustle for passive income

Freelancers on platforms like Fiverr charge between $5 to $15 for this service. The competition is high, but the market is quite large.

The only issue is that you can’t charge a higher price for this like other side hustles because it doesn’t require as much effort or time

Design and Sell AI-Generated Products

Next, the most successful side hustle on the list is selling AI-generated products. Websites like Redbubble, a print-on-demand platform where people are selling their design-based products such as stickers, mugs, t-shirts, pillows, and many more.

It is also possible for you to start a business, selling AI-generated products from the comfort of your own home.

Design and Sell AI-Generated Products

Click here to create your selling account

Click here to create your selling account

Enter Blue Villow AI, an AI tool that you can use to generate unique images that you can then sell on Redbubble and other similar platforms.

Simply by entering a creative prompt, the AI will generate an image that you can download and then upload to Redbubble.

And the best part? The government now allows these AI-generated designs to be used commercially, with creators maintaining 100% of the profits.

Selling AI Storybooks

If you enjoy writing storybooks, you can easily turn your pastime into a successful business.

However creating a storybook can be difficult, in these situations, AI tools like ChatGPT can support you in creating original stories with a limitless imagination.

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By entering a detailed and descriptive prompt in the ChatGPT platform, you can create a unique story, and then design an attractive book cover using designing tools like Canva.

ChatGpt Prompt for Generating Stories:

Write a story about a [character] who stumble upon a [place] hidden deep in the jungle. They discover mysteries throughout the city that have the potential to permanently alter their lives. Keep this story filled with [tone] and give a suspenseful scene at the ending of the story.

Ultimately, the prompt you give will determine the output that you produce, so you can design it this way.

Now, Self-publish your ebooks on Amazon and earn passive income from every sale.


‣ What AI side hustles can I start with minimal skills?

A Faceless YouTube channel could be an excellent decision if you don’t have many skills but desire to earn more money. Tools such as VidIQ, Elevenlabs, and Invideo make it easier for you to create faceless videos and optimize them for search engines. We have outlined a step-by-step process for you to follow.

‣ Can I Monetize a Faceless AI YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can make money from a YouTube channel run by AI, but it’s important to add a human touch. YouTube prefers a mix of AI and human input for monetization approval. So adding that personal touch is important to get the green light for monetization

‣ How to Monetize AI Faceless YouTube Channel?

To get monetization approval for (AI) Faceless YouTube Channel, try adding your voice to videos, adding your own B-rolls, and uploading talking head videos at least once a week. These steps are all based on our personal experience, which follows YouTube’s rules and can help your channel get approved for making money.

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