Best AI Script to Video Generator For YouTube [Free]

There was a time when video editing used to take hours, even a day or a week just to complete a project, but not any longer, the approach of AI has taken over everything, and now you can apply complicated trimmings, cuts, scene arrangements, etc. in just a few seconds instead of hours or days. AI-powered Script to Video Generator have made the process of video editing much more efficient and precise.

What are AI Script to Video Generators?

You don’t need to have a background in video editing knowledge in order to use these tools. As AI software works on their own automated system, you don’t have to be a video editor.

AI Script to Video Generators work by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to turn scripts and text into engaging videos. It is possible to create explainer videos, social media posts, tutorials, product demos, and even explainer videos with AI Script to Video Generators.

Pros and Cons of AI Video Generators

Time-savingLack of Creativity
No editing experience requiredBoring style of editing
Beginner can startVisual doesn’t match with scripts
Some are free to useMost are expensive

How do AI Video Generators actually work?

AI Video Generators tools work on a simple process. You start by entering your script or text into the platform. From there, AI technology with a combination of machine learning to analyze the content, understand the context, and formulate it into a storyboard. The storyboard includes elements like voiceovers, video clips, animations, and graphics. And, this is how AI generate video from text

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Once the storyboard is ready, you can customize it by selecting a preferred visual and audio style. After that, AI script to video generator does the rest. It will pick the appropriate visuals, graphics, and music to match your script and compile into a stunning video.

List of Best AI Script to Video Generators for YouTube (Text to Video)

  1. InVideo
  2. Steve Ai
  3. AI Studios
  5. Stable Diffusion Videos

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1. InVideo (Freemium)

Invideo is a video editor that you can use in your browser. But the interesting thing is, very few know that it is also used for creating astonishing text to videos

Invideo script to video generator

Invideo is in high demand because of it’s AI tools. Its real strength lies in content creation, as it provides an AI script to video generator tool. This tool can transform your written text into an engaging video. While the AI may not handle all aspects of animation and sound design, but it serves as a helpful assistant.

If you have a lot of tasks to do during the day, InVideo’s AI script to video generator can help you out.

Just copy and paste your script, click “create scene,” and sit back. InVideo will turn your text to video using AI. With a stable internet connection, your final video will be ready in just 1 to 2 minutes. Make sure your internet speed is fast.

Easy to UseLimited Export option
Tons of Pre made TemplatesBasic Editing Features
Inbuilt Video EditorPoor export quality
No need to download softwareFree version has a watermark

2. Steve Ai (Free & Paid)

steve ai photos

Steve AI is an extremely responsive text-to-video generator, few people are aware of this AI-powered video editor, with its novel AI technology, you can make excellent videos quickly and easily.

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Steve AI algorithm automatically chooses the best creative media elements for your video. It will extract your text, arrange appropriate visuals, and convert it into a video in the style of a professional video editor.

As long as Steve AI complies with your wishes and needs, you can direct it. Features of steady AI, such as:

  • Blog to video generator
  • Audio to Video maker
  • Text to Video generator
  • Text to animation video
  • Integrated Video editor
  • Explainer Video maker
  • Powerpoint to video
Animate video using textOnly good for making animated videos
Turn blog to videoSupports selected language
Script to Video GeneratorsFree version includes watermark
4k exportNot so affordable

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3. AI Studios (Free & Paid)

A Company name DeepBrain has developed AI Studios, they made the best Photo Realistic AI avatars videos. This has a high demand on the internet, people even use their technology to create short content as well. The CES Ingenuity Awards were bestowed upon AI Studio because of their incredible innovation.

They have a ChatGpt model Integration inside their website which let you make the video by just writing down the topic, and selecting a template, rest the entire video with script will be ready by it’s own.

Include Stunning AI AvatarsNo Advance tool
Automatic SubtitleAnnoying watermark
Easy layer adjustmentPoor templates
Sign up and tryPaid

4. (Freemium)

Vidds needs a lot of improvement, it does have a few AI tools that are useful for social media content creators such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts and so on.

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People who are new to AI. And you are passionate about AI and maybe looking for new AI tools to explore, you should give it a try.

Although we cannot guarantee the quality, there are a lot of tools you can try out, such as AI text to video and tweet to video, both of which can fulfill the expectations you have set out for yourself.

Very simple and newBasic tools
AI to video featurePoor optimization
Social media TemplatesMissing description
Currently freeNo advance tool

5. Stable Diffusion Videos (Freemium)

Stable Diffusion Videos is designed to make eye-catching short videos, the results are impressive. But we do not recommend using it for long videos.

stable diffusion videos photo

Stable Diffusion has been applied to a range of applications such as image generation, text to image translation, and image editing and now Ai text to videos

Similar to other prompt based AI software, this Stable diffusion program also works exactly as such, it creates short AI videos based on the prompt you provide.

This means that if you’re looking to create long videos, this program may not be the best choice for you. You can, however, use it to create multiple short videos for different purposes.

You must log in to GitHub before you can use it, then you can create a text to video online successfully.

Free to useIt makes short videos.
AI video generatorRendering process takes time.
Allow Fps adjustmentAspect ratio is small.

Stable Diffusion Video Sample

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